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My mission is to empower teenagers to understand and own their own nutrition. The teen years are the perfect time to educate, practice and create healthy eating habits before they leave home, become adults and become too set in their ways.

It is never too early or too late to improve your health. Developing healthy habits takes time and commitment and small changes make a massive difference. It is important is to understand that what you put into your mouth every day (diet and nutrition) determines the ability of your body not only to perform on a daily basis, but also effects your focus levels at school and work, sleep, and emotional wellbeing. Food is the “fuel” that generates power in every body cell and system including your brain, muscular skeletal and immune systems.

Many people don’t realise how much control they have over their own health. We are all born with a unique genetic profile but our health destiny is not pre-determined. Our diet, lifestyle and environment can switch on and off specific genes which determine our health.

The benefits of making diet and nutrition a top priority every day will not only make a difference within a few weeks but will also help you fight off chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions in the future.

Take the first step by booking an InBody Composition and Nutrition Assessment appointment. An InBody analysis will give you data on your internal health including your ratio of muscle mass to fat levels and visceral fat (dangerous fat around the organs). You can then set your diet, lifestyle and training goals based on evidence not on guess work.

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